I thankfully took the Time-management course at the time when I needed it the most! Especially during the pandemic, when all of us were struggling, this course brought a light and new insight on why we have certain habits and what we can practically do to alter them to our favour. Renee provided us with a big pool of options that could fit any personality and taste! I felt encouraged and gladly tried many of them. Some of the suggestions and tools I managed to adopt and make them part of my daily schedule, which had a big impact on how efficient I am and feel. I am still using my task-list in a realistic way and whenever I feel “drifted” I revise parts of our course and pick up a different technique to stay focused! Renee made sure to listen and provide available solutions based on each attendee’s personality, which I found extremely inspiring. On the side, she helped me identify when my higher productivity time period is and was extremely helpful in giving suggestions on how to adapt time-management skills while struggling with low motivation issues. I would highly recommend the Time-management course; a great insight on how to make your life easier and feel more productive!

Foteini Karapanagioti

PhD candidate in Science and Engineering Faculty; Membrane Enzymology group, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen