Overview over your work

Getting your work under control and peace of mind

A way of working that suits your needs

Discover how you can work most effectively in a relaxed manner

Focus on your work

Spend your time on important matters

Organize your work with Outlook

A practical course in your own digital work environment in which you will learn how to get your e-mail under control with Outlook, how to achieve and keep overview of the work with ‘Tasks’ and how to get the best out of Outlook in order to work more efficiently (in-company and open registration).

Organize your work in OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is software that allows you to take digital notes. In this training you will learn how to create and organize work notes in OneNote, how to easily share them with your colleagues and how to get an overview over your work by conveniently setting up OneNote.

Time(manage) yourself and your work

A combined training of time management and working effectively with Google Mail, Tasks and Calendar. After the training you will be able to recognize and tackle inefficiencies in work behavior, you will gain a more effective working method that suits you, have an empty inbox and you will have all your tasks clearly organized in Google (in-company only).

Organize your work and yourself

Combination training of ‘Time Management’ and ‘Organize your work with Outlook’. After the training you will recognize and tackle inefficiencies in work behavior, you will have a more effective working method that suits you individually, create an empty inbox, have all your tasks clearly organized in Microsoft Outlook and you will get the most out of Outlook to work in a more efficient way (incompany only).

Time Management Workshops

In four interactive Time management workshops you will learn to improve your effectivity at work and to get back on track. You will gain insight in your personal inefficiencies at work and you will get tools to manage yourself and your work in order to increase your productivity and to experience peace of mind.

Individual Training

Individual training is also a possibility for enquiries about time management, email processing, task management, organization of your work or a combination of these. During the intake Renée Niessen will map out your learning wishes and will subsequently work out a training plan. Usually, two to four sessions of two hours are sufficient to give the employee control over the work again.

About Renée Niessen

Medical and academic background

After studying Medicine and obtaining my PhD at the University of Groningen, I worked for more than ten years as a clinical molecular geneticist at the Department of Genetics at the UMCG. Due to an increasing number of tasks and workload in this position, I delved into several techniques in order to work more efficiently.


Passion for working efficiently

In 2013 I started my business to help people to work more efficiently and in a more relaxed manner. During the training sessions I passionately talk about my own experiences and try to enthuse participants to adjust their own work habits.

An eye for individual work styles

People have different styles of working and wishes regarding the arrangement of their work. For example, one student is very happy with an empty inbox and a well-functioning to-do list, while another student does not see the added value of this and is more in need of advice on setting priorities and planning of work.

“I help professionals in a passionate manner to work effectively and relaxed”

Practical approach

I always try to give students as many practical tips as possible so they can immediately put these to practice. During computer lessons students work in their own work environment: cleaning up email, creating well-functioning to-do lists and / or creating an overview of their projects.

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