Individual Training

Individual training: ‘Organize yourself and your work’

Would you like to get started with the (digital) organization of your work or with time management-related matters, and do you prefer not to follow a course? Then consider individual training, online or at your own workplace.


If you have different tasks, responsibilities and a lot of email traffic at your work, it can be difficult to keep a clear overview. You may struggle with the many emails on a daily basis, finding it difficult to set priorities and to keep an eye on which items require your action. Your days are packed with, or interrupted by meetings, and many ad hoc tasks you have to do. Moments are scarce in which you can focus and are to be able to work on the big projects. You may have the feeling of losing control by the day-to-day issues.

Individual training

In the individual training ‘Organize yourself and your work’ you will learn how to get control over your work again. You will start with the digital organization of your work (notes, email, tasks and projects) and / or start learning other behavior in order for you to work more effectively in a way that suits your personal working style. The sessions preferably take place in your own (digital) work environment where you immediately get started by organizing your email, tasks, calendar, notes and / or projects in a different way.


The following topics may be covered in the training:

  • ZProcess email efficiently; empty your inbox, get overview over emails that require action
  • ZOrganize your email archive, retrieve emails by searching effectively
  • ZImplement Outlook tasks – create a to-do list that works for you
  • ZWork with OneNote – make digital notes and organize your project-supporting materials
  • ZPrioritize and plan your work better; optimize calendar management
  • ZWork with focus, deal with disruptions and unexpected tasks
  • ZRecognize and tackle your procrastinating behaviour

Review by prof. dr. Huilin Chen

The training provided by Dr. Renée Niessen is, in many ways, an eye-opener. It was well-organized, specialized, and constructive, which is guiding me through the difficult Covid-19 times. Thanks a lot, Renee!

Huilin Chen

Associate professor, Faculty of science and Engineering, RuG

Training via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet or Skype

Online training via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet or Skype is possible for Time Management and Outlook or OneNote training. The software enables sharing of the computer screen, allowing the training to take place in your own digital work environment. The rate for online training is the same as for a regular individual training.

Organize yourself and your work

The duration of an individual session is usually two hours. In general, two to four sessions are sufficient for employees to regain control over their work.


The hourly rate for an individual training is €135,- excl. 21% VAT. Course material is included (Outlook manual, OneNote, presentations, exercises).


The first step is to schedule an (online) intake meeting with Renée in which your current working methods and the desired outcome of the training sessions will be discussed.

Next, Renée will make a training plan, tailored to your learning needs and wishes. You can make an appointment via the button below or you may contact Renée Niessen through or 06-42331170.