Organize your work in OneNote

About OneNote

OneNote is a digital notebook that lets you organize notes and related documents in one central place. You can put the agenda for your next meeting in OneNote and link it to the same appointment that is in your Outlook calendar. You can easily share the minutes that you took during the meeting with your colleagues so everyone will have the most up-to-date information.

The notes of your current projects or team-related matters can also be organized in OneNote which will give you a good up-to-date overview. You can easily add project-supporting documents to your project notes, such as Word, Excel and PDF files.

There are two ways to create to-do lists with OneNote. This can either be simply done in OneNote itself or, a little more advanced: via a link with Microsoft Outlook Tasks.

After completing this OneNote training you will be able to:

  • Zuse OneNote as a digital archive for your notes, scanned documents, articles, etc.
  • Zquickly find relevant notes using the search function
  • Zdirectly take minutes of the meetings you attend (this will save time)
  • Zeasily share these minutes or other documents with colleagues using OneNote, which contributes to a more efficient collaboration
  • Zkeep an overview of your current projects by conveniently organizing project notes and attachments
  • Zeasily track your action points, either by using tags or by synchronizing with Outlook Tasks

Training set-up

This training will take place in a computer room or online and consists of two three hour sessions. During this training you will use OneNote in your own digital work environment in order for you to organize your work in OneNote in a way that is most suitable for you.

Type of training:
Open registration and in-company. This training can also be followed online, individually or as a duo training.

For whom:
Anyone who wants to work with Microsoft OneNote.

Currently, no open trainings are planned in English language. In case you are interested, you can send an email to

Renée Niessen

More information
Incompany or individual training: please contact Renée via the contact form or for further information