Organize your work with Outlook

About Outlook 

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most used e-mail programs. However, many professionals do not know that Outlook offers a wide range of possibilities to work more efficiently.

For example, you can set rules to automate email processing. Newsletters, calendar confirmations and invoices can go directly to the correct folders and sent emails that you want to monitor will automatically appear on your waiting-for list. With quicksteps and using certain key combinations you can archive your emails quickly, create tasks, and send and reply to mails. Tasks can easily be created from emails and you can use categories to group similar tasks together. In this way you can achieve an overview of your work with little effort, making it easier to prioritize and plan.

Organize your work with Outlook

The training consists of two or three sessions, in which theory and practicing at the computer are alternated. During the training, you will make a start with emptying the inbox, creating a well-functioning task lists, setting up rules and quick steps and other Outlook functionalities within your own work environment.

The training is suitable for you when you recognize one or more of the following points:

  • ZYou have an inbox that is overflowing
  • ZEmails disappear out of sight too quickly and are forgotten
  • ZYour email archive is cluttered
  • ZYou don't have a to-do list or you have one ore more lists which aren't working properly
  • ZYou don't have a good overview of the work that still needs to be done

Arianne Dekker

In november 2019 attended an outlook Training with Renée, together with part of my team. The first thing I noticed is that she is very accessible and approachable. In addition, she is being just herself. She gives the training with a lot of pleasure which gets the group on board. Another good thing is that she shares a lot from her own experience and that makes the training fascinating. Next to this, you learn a lot from her. If you or your team have problems organizing your work, you have come to the right place!
(Translated from Dutch to English)

Arienne Dekker

Teamleider Radiotherapie, UMCG

Marije Koopmans

Thank you for the training, I must say that this was the most practical and useful training I have ever attended!

Marije Koopmans

Clinical Geneticist, UMC Utrecht

After the training you will have:

  • Zan empty inbox every day
  • Za good grip on your email traffic
  • Za well-functioning email archive
  • Zall your to-do's organized in Outlook
  • Za smart use of Outlooks functionalities
  • Za smooth daily workflow
  • Za good overview over your work
  • Zless inefficiency and more time saved

At this moment there is no open training planned in English language. In case you are interested in the training, you can send an email to

Training Type:
Open registration and incompany. 

Course materials are available in English or Dutch language. 

Individual training or duotraining is also possible.

For whom:
Everybody who works with Microsoft Outlook.

Registration or more information:
Send an email to

Renée Niessen

Incompany training: ask for more information: