Time Management Workshops

Time Management Workshop Series -Introduction

Do you recognize this? Occasionally, or more often, you feel overwhelmed by everything you have to do at work; you do not have a clear overview of your workload; your inbox is out of control; you switch from task to task and you do not know which task to do first.


In four interactive Time management workshops you will learn to improve your effectivity at work and to get back on track. You will gain insight in your personal inefficiencies at work and you will get tools to manage yourself and your work in order to increase your productivity and to experience peace of mind.

Todo list english


1. E-mail under control and a to-do list that works
Learn to deal with incoming e-mail effectively. Clean up your inbox, simplify your archive and adopt an effective workflow. Put tasks in a to-do list that works for you and achieve overview over your work and experience peace of mind.
2. The Big Rocks in your life, career and work
In this workshop you will be challenged to reflect on your priorities at three different levels, your life, your career and your daily work process. In case you realise that you spend too little time or energy on your priorities, you will be encouraged to take action.
3. Enhance your focus at work
Internal and external disruptions are disastrous for your productivity. The same goes for procrastination and multitasking. In this workshop you will investigate what your personal timewasters are and you will get tools to enhance focus and concentration and to minimize disruptions.
4. Keeping up the good work
In the previous workshops you acquired new tools to work more effectively. Probably you already changed some of your working habits. In this workshop you will reflect on the changes you implemented; which new working habits are working for you and how can you further improve? How do you prevent falling back into old habits and stay on track?

This training:

  • rOnly incompany
  • rRegular training for employees of the RuG
  • rEnglish language

Renée Niessen (RCN Advies & Training)

Incompany: contact Renée Niessen by the contact form for more information.
RuG employees: see information on the website of the RuG.

Currently there is no workshop series planned for RuG employees since we offer a more intensive english time management course (5 day parts, start March 9th). More detailed information you will find on the RuG Corporate Academy website.