Training Meeting efficiency

Meeting efficiency – how to make your meetings more effective

Do you dread meetings with your department or work group (either at work or online); Are you struggling with leading and organizing meetings? Is it difficult for you to keep the participants engaged? Do you feel like the meetings you are part of are a waste of time?

In this training you will learn how to plan and structure your own meetings more effectively and how to take the most of the meetings that you are not in charge of. You will gain insights into how to manage meetings that are tailored to the task at hand, and that result in concrete, actionable outcomes. You will also work on identifying how you may get the most out of the meetings for your personal and professional development.

In addition, you will receive forms, templates and other tools to make meetings more effective.

After this training you will:

  • Zbe able to plan, structure and organize meetings to maximize effectiveness
  • Zhave knowledge about different roles and responsibilities within meetings
  • Zbe able to clearly formulate action plans during meetings and to follow up on actions
  • Zfeel confident about managing discussions during meetings and dealing with difficult participants
  • Zknow how to clearly formulate your comments and contributions during meetings
  • Zgain insight into your own needs and preferences for meetings
  • Zbecome aware of your own professional and personal goals and how to use meetings to attain them

Type of training

This training is designed as an incompany training for educational centers of universities. The training will take 1,5 day with some weeks in between the first and second day so that participants can practice new meeting strategies.

Target group

Academic employees and support staff, who either manage meetings (one-on-one, group and/or online meetings), or who are frequently taking part in meetings.


Ole Gmelin, Renée Niessen